Company Profile  
  Metal Agro Limited founded in 2003, with the goal of seed genetic development, seed production and quality control. We were convinced that by practicing intensive breeding programs to developing vegetable seed markets we could improve the lives of farmers while building a successful business. We facilitate high standard seed storing replica watches, packing and customer delivering.

Metal Seeds is one of the largest vegetable seed companies in Bangladesh. We offer more than 100 hybrids and open pollinated varieties in 25 different crops globally. Our breeder strives to develop appropriate hybrids for diverse market requirements. Major emphasis is on regional preferences, disease tolerance and resistance, yield, taste, earliness and shelf life. The product development team acts in close coordination with R & D and marketing and conduct trials, extensively in the farmer’s fields before releasing the market. Close interaction in marketing and Product development team with the farmers ensures that best products reach the farmer.

We have one of the best tropical Asian vegetable germplasm collections in the world, which help our creative group of experience breeders develop superior varieties. But we also have a unique approach to market development and assisting farmers.